Ancient wisdom for today’s women

From one mother to another, Every Mama Matters was born out of the sincere wish to help women enjoy great health naturally and live a more balanced life through their journey of fertility, pregnancy, motherhood and beyond.

We know and recognise all too well, the pressures of modern living as women.

We decided to come together, combining our experience, knowledge and passionate wish to help women just like us. We’ve made it our mission to share what we’ve learned about creating health and balance, especially on our life journey as women and mothers.

Our Story

From years of experience in women’s health, Julienne saw the importance of providing an educational resource for women. She is passionate about teaching women to understand their body, emotions and spirit using traditional methods from around the world. She wants to help them create their own natural, holistic journey through life as healthy women and mothers. 

Lindi experienced first hand, during her fertility journey, the power of Chinese medicine, natural healing methods and meditation. These not only helped balance her menstrual cycle, emotions and mindset, but also her ability to conceive and hold a pregnancy. Because of this, Lindi is passionate about sharing her experience. 

Lindi’s husband, Richard is also invited along for the ride! He shares his experience as a husband and father, as well as his own perspective from personal practice and study in oriental healing arts. He’s also our resident online geek.

Throughout Lindi, Richard and Julienne’s shared journey, they’ve regularly discussed their passionate vision and wish to help more women and their partners. Combining their collective knowledge and experience Every Mama Matters was born.

Learn more about Lindi and Richard’s fertility journey.