Avoiding postpartum depletion

Motherhood and the time after birth, postpartum time, are lost in the modern world. It is fast paced, never stopping to take a breath type of environment. It is an unbalanced world with too much work and not enough rest. It is a world that women in their postpartum time often feel neglected and isolated.

There are many traditional societies that practice a period of retreat from the world post birth. They recognise the vulnerability of both the mother and baby after the profound exertion of labour and bringing through a new life. This birth is the birth of a baby as well as a mother. It is a sensitive time that allows bonding and the adjustment of motherhood. So much focus is on the newborn. A mother’s recovery from birth and pregnancy is paramount to the health and happiness of a baby.

With exertion birth and loss of blood it can leave mothers very depleted and exhausted. Mothers need a period of rest for nurturing her body as well as attending to the needs of her newborn. For 4-6 weeks post birth is a time to keep her body warm. This is done by dressing in warm clothing, staying out of the wind and cold, by eating warm nourishing foods and drinks. Some women are nourished by herbs and the community of women giving the warmth of care. By nourishing and nurturing new mothers they are then able to nourish and nurture their baby.

The art of nourishing postpartum mums include having others care for them while recuperating after birth so they can spend time resting, recovering, bonding and feeding their baby. By having meals prepared for then, by having help to clean and hold the baby when they need rest. This care gives new mothers a chance to fully immerse themselves in recovery and healing after birth. Every Mama Matters. Mothers matter too.

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