It’s a love yourself kind of day!

“Every day should be a love yourself kind of day! Today, we’re just reminding you about it! ⁠Just do at least one great thing for yourself today. Something you love, that will put a smile on your face.“


I love it! 

It should be this kind of day every day! For everyone!

Are you self-critical?

Our internal dialogue is often so critical that we are constantly having a war with ourselves. Do you ever stop and feel what these thoughts are doing to your body?

Pick one thought – The one I will pick today is ‘you are no good’. When I relax into my body I can feel a deep sadness about this thought. There is a feeling of tension in my shoulders, in my back. Seriously, the way we speak to ourselves is often so harsh. Yet we give very little thought, if any, to what it is doing to our body.

In fact, the real problem is, we’re not even aware of our thoughts. There is this constant subconscious conversation going on in our minds. It’s filled with our expectations, our feelings about ourselves and others.

Our thoughts can betray our fertility

This is the same for fertility. Our thoughts betray our body, yet we often feel that our body is betraying us. We lose faith in our body’s ability to do what is natural. Many of us have lost touch with it – we’re in our heads thinking, rather than being aware of what is happening in our body.

What is it that you feel towards your body? What are those negative thoughts?

It’s useful to identify negative thoughts that are milling around in our subconscious. Once you are aware of these thoughts, you can notice how they affect you and choose to change them. You can start treating your soul and your body with the respect and love you deserve.

When Lindi reflects on her fertility journey, she remembers thinking the following:

  • ‘Everything has to be perfect before I can fall pregnant – my life, my body, my financial circumstances, – it all has to be sorted before I can fall pregnant’’
  • ‘Why did all my other friends hold their pregnancies, but I have miscarriages?’
  • ‘What’s wrong with me?’

“Noticing what I thought of myself was key in turning things around. Giving ‘love to myself is where all the changes started.”

Remember what you love

Have you noticed that you have stopped doing the things you love? Sometimes we can get so lost in our fertility journey that we stop doing things that we used to love.

So, do at least one great thing for yourself today. Something you love, that will put a smile on your face. ⁠Come on, you deserve it!

Remember, it’s a love yourself kind of day, every day!

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