Lindi and Richard's Fertility Journey

Lindi and Richard’s Fertility Journey

Starting our fertility journey

We were living in London and decided to try to conceive in late 2015. But over the course of the next year we experienced 2 successive miscarriages. 

The first miscarriage occured in London in March 2016. We rushed to the local Maternity hospital where I was examined and the miscarriage was confirmed. 

Yet while the maternity doctor was very understanding, we were offered little advice or explanation of what happened. Confused and overwhelmed, we went home with deep sadness and no answers. This was a massive blow mentally, emotionally and physically. 

Another miscarriage

We had already decided to make some lifestyle changes and a few months later moved to Bali. However, in October later that year, I experienced a second miscarriage.

I, was curled up on the bed, writhing in pain, bleeding. Desperate for help Richard approached his long time friend, Julienne, a mother of two young boys and Doctor of Chinese Medicine, with a special interest in women’s health. 

Julienne lived in Australia, so he phoned her and asked for help and advice. She explained over the phone which acupressure points to press and where to apply moxibustion in order to relieve the pain and help allow my body to complete the process of miscarriage and start recovery. 

Richard had previous training in Oriental Therapies so knew easily how to apply the instructed treatments. Immediately, I started to experience some pain relief. I couldn’t believe the amount of relief that came from the warmth of Richard just holding the burning moxa stick (compressed, dried Mugwort) at a precise point on my big toe! 

Overcoming loss and disappointment

This was just the beginning of our fertility journey. Julienne began gently guiding us along the way with a series of phone consultations and Chinese Herbal Medicine Prescriptions, instructions and advice. 

Over the next year and a half, both Richard and I began having regular treatments in Chinese Medicine, including acupuncture and herbal medicine. We practiced yoga, tai chi and meditation regularly and made changes to our diet. 

I began to see a shift in my mindset and felt healthier and more relaxed. After making these lifestyle changes I finally felt able to just ‘let go’. 

In June 2018 I fell pregnant and gave birth to a beautiful baby girl the following March. Today, I am expecting my second baby.

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