Natural Healing after Birth

Time for a change

In recent times there has been more awareness of the need for post-natal recovery and support post birth for the new mother. Post birth recovery not only includes recovering from the birthing process, but also the previous nine months of pregnancy of growing and carrying a baby.

Unfortunately, there is not a big emphasis on post natal care in our culture. However in more traditional cultures women are supported by family and friends after giving birth, allowing for an adjustment period of becoming a new mother. They are fed nourishing foods and herbs to clean and rebuild their health and well being. There is help around the home and women are cocooned for about a month allowing a bonding period between mother and child.

Healing after pregnancy – why it matters

Being pregnant can put a strain on women. There may be a number of circumstances that may limit a woman’s capacity for recovery after pregnancy and birth. It may be constitutional or functional weaknesses. It could have been difficulty conceiving and having assisted reproduction therapy. It may be having many children close together. It may even be difficulties during pregnancy or the birthing process, birth trauma, interventions or complications. Previous miscarriages, being an older mother, having a weak constitution or even having inadequate post-natal support may predispose women to a greater risk of post-partum symptoms.

The labour of birth

The birthing process takes a lot of energy for mother and child. After all, it is not called labour for no reason! During birth women exert an enormous amount of energy, they experience sleep deprivation and blood loss. Some women are able to bounce back quickly and naturally after pregnancy and birth. Others struggle with the new demands of motherhood, let alone with healing her body after the profound exertion of birthing a baby.

Emphasis needs to be on mothers too

Post birth new mothers nurture newborns through breast feeding, care for their every need, and may experience exhaustion due to lack of sleep, still recovering from birth and fluid loss. This can lead to weakness, fatigue, feelings of hopelessness, anxiety and isolation.

A postpartum care package utilizing Chinese medicine and oriental therapy has been designed to help support healing to recover from pregnancy and birth. It incorporates wise woman traditions to assist the new mother’s recovery of pregnancy and birth, to feel nourished and strength to nurture herself and her new child.

To address physical complaints post birth we want to promote healing as well as improve our vitality to help adapt to new responsibilities of being a mother. We have a free online course – How to improve your energy during postpartum with an amazing soup recipe to not only nourish your blood but also build your energy.

Improve Energy Postpartum Course
How to improve your energy during postpartum

This course may help you with for exhaustion, blood loss, insufficient milk production, fluctuating emotions and post natal depression.

Natural Health after birth

Natural Health after birth by Aviva Jill Rommis a fantastic book for postpartum healing.

It not only talks about adjusting to the new role of being a mother, it also is a guide with how to heal after birth with recipes for healthy eating, herbal teas and even exercises. Definitely worth a read. I read it when my children were 9 years old and was still moved by the kind gentle words she has for mothers!

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