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TTC – Are you clutching at straws?

How do you feel when you’ve been let down month after month with negative pregnancy tests, or your period arrives? Do you constantly feel betrayed by your body and look for new ways to improve your fertility prospects?

It must be my digestion – I need to go fix it up so I can get pregnant, I have tried everything else.”

“Maybe if I didn’t have that glass of wine when I was out with my girlfriends I would have conceived.” Do these thoughts sound familiar?

How often did you use Dr Google, knowing there is something wrong, but not knowing where to get help?

Did you have a miscarriage, only to be told it is common and you just have to ‘try again’?

Or you are in your 20s and you are told just to keep trying, while all your friends and colleagues are having babies around you?

Or in your 40s and told your eggs are too old?

Do you cry to sleep at night, and feel ashamed of the fact your body is betraying you and not giving you your most heartfelt wish?

The elephant in the room in fertility issues is the desperation and impatience we feel when month after month we still don’t have a baby to hold in our arms. This desperation and impatience means we just keep searching for the next thing, the next person to help us achieve our dreams. It is a multi-million dollar industry repeating your pain points to you, tugging at your pain strings to buy their next product or service.

So where do you start? Where can you go in your journey of fertility, when you don’t know where to go to next?

The answer is self-awareness. Educate yourself about your body. You are the expert of your own body and you have the resources to listen to it. A short consult with an expert does not educate you on the nuances of your body. You live in your skin every moment of the day and when we are in tune to listening to the messages our body sends us, we have an incredible resource at our fingertips.

This takes courage, and it takes patience.

No one likes to be told they are desperate and impatient, yet these are the emotions that many women struggle with when trying to conceive.

The truth is we do crumble inside, no matter how brave our face is.

The reason you’re here is because you don’t have all the answers, it is going to take time, so lets commit to this journey together.

You are not alone. So many women are embarrassed that they are struggling to fall pregnant. Women need a village, women need a community. We need support, to feel we are not alone and not the only ones struggling. After all, 1 in 6 couples struggle to have a baby.

Every ‘Mama To Be’ Matters! Join our Every Mama Matters Fertility Circle, it is our fertility village.

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